does anyone understand this please?

Two sensitivity analyses were also carried out to assess the impact of protocol violators on the conclusions drawn from the ITT analyses ???

Basically this is a research paper that looks at honey and wound healing in 114 patients
19:16 Wed 28th Mar 2012
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I have no idea. You might be better posting this in Science.
It refers to the statistical analysis of the data in the survey ... I think
Sensitivity analysis looks at the how sensitive the result are to changes to certain factors. They are sometimes referred to as "what if" analyses.

In this case it looks at the impact of changes to 'protocol violators'. A protocol deviation is any change, divergence, or departure from
the study design or procedures of a research protocol that is under the investigator’s control and that has not been approved
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thankyou!!you have helped me lots on here!! Definitely worthy of a tin of Cadburys Roses!!

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