How do slugs & snails reproduce?

My brother gave me a query the other day, he asked me how do slugs & snails breed, do they lay eggs or have live young, and are snails born with shells?
I said you guys would know!
17:22 Wed 04th Jul 2007
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I have Giant Africa Land Snails and they lay eggs, little white things that look like polystyrene beads. They hatch out into little snails with very soft shells that grow very quickly.

They have both male and female organs on each snail, but contrary to popular belief they still need a mate to -er - mate as the male bit cannot reach the female bit on the same snail!
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Thanks Lankeela, I will let him know. Just out of interest, what sort of pets do they make, what do you do with them, or what do they do?

Anybody know about slugs?
Slugs are just homeless snails!

I sit and watch mine slither up the side of the tank - very soothing.

They are fascinating and easy pets to keep - all they need is a plastic or glass tank with a lid with some peat in the bottom, some cuttlefish to strengthen their shells and cucumber and lettuce leaves (mine only like round lettuce). You spray the sides of the tank and the peat daily to give them moisture and keep them fairly warm, although mine don't have any extra heating they are just in a normal room temperature. Google Giant African Land Snails and there are lots of information sites.
Like this is guess!
slugs at it

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