A beautiful little pussy cat clip

I have just received this via an email and it is mega cute.
20:16 Sun 19th Feb 2012
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That would take up allllllll of my sofa!
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Those babies are adorable :)
Couldn't have sound up, so apologies if it says...but was this in a zoo?

I couldn't help but think as watching it, that a) awww she should be wild and free and b) which point is she going to take his arm off?
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Point well made Helen :P

(dammit, folks know me too well on 'ere!)
Thanks Wolf, a privilege to watch.
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Oh !! Loved this ! Just beautiful ! Thank you for posting... :)
ooo...brilliant....aren't they so much like our moggies? I love the head butting and hand 'chewing'.
Mrs owd saud she would like a kitten she seemed a bit annoyed ahen i told her a new pussy would do.

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