I'm in a dilema

I have my toy poodle booked in for her teeth to be scraped and cleaned. I am so worried about the anaesthetic. She has had this before when she was spayed but should I put her at risk for something that is cosmetic??? I have owned 2 other dogs in 26 years and neither had dental treatment. However, my little dog (who means so much to me) has pretty bad teeth albeit she eats a good diet. The cost is not a problem, but my dog is part of my world and I am scared incase she does not pull through this anaesthetic. Please help me with the right decision.
23:57 Sat 18th Feb 2012
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seek pdsa advise. NOT vets advise. as they may be more influenced by money
Before you start..learn ..Dilemma..it can get you taken more seriously,..good luck
Do you give her chews?
I have what are considered to be rather elderly cats who have needed to have their teeth seen to from time to time and always under anaesthetic. Our vet offers some tests before any treatment needing anaesthetic just to check that the cat is healthy enough to undergo treatment. Could you ask your vet to do the same? I know it adds to the cost of any treatment but I feel it's worth it if only to put my mind at rest. Let us know how things go for you and her
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Thank you for your responses, still unsure?!?!? My little poodle is my life since my parents died. I just want what is the best for her. Can't put her through this if it is just for the money .....
Unless you strongly distrust your vet you should have no reason not to go through with the treatment.

People and animals do die under anaesthesia - but not very many.

If you can take your dog to another vet for a second opinion then do it. You seem to be worried more about how 'you' will feel if your dog dies as opposed to how your dog is feeling on a daily basis.
I know EXACTLY how you feel Dee. I too went through the same thing with my precious dog a couple of years ago. He was 10 at the time. I thought what if he dies under anaesthetic just to have his teeth cleaned, how would I forgive myself. BUT they needed doing and I didn't want him to have bad teeth (I got him as an older dog and he'd been neglected, hence his dental problems). I went through the mill while he was at the vets, but of course he came through it and woke up with a healthier mouth. I think we all worry about an anaesthetic as our pets get older, but the vets do take our concerns into consideration. Good luck.
Having clean teeth isnt just for cosmetic reasons, apart from the obvious bad breath, tartar and pain, infected gums and teeth will spread bacteria to other parts of the body.

There is always a risk with a GA, and you have to weigh up the pros and cons. Personally, I would try some of this first....

Jules does this stuff work? Would it work on people?
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Thank you all for your help and yes you are right, this is about the health of my dog and I have to trust my vet.
Do, dee - I feel the same about the catz, but the tartar buildup on pets' teeth can cause them serious gum disorders and can lead to the loss of teeth, I'm sure you'd feel awful if that happened later in your dog's life just because you couldn't bring yourself to take her to the vet's. She'll be happier for getting her teeth sorted. Imagine if (as you say) you had "pretty bad teeth" but nobody would get you to the dentist...
Dee, how old is your dog?

one of my dogs had to have a general anaesthetic a short while ago, our breed do not do well under anaesthetic and have known to die without apparent cause.

The operation went fine, just talk to your vet about your fears.
I'd have thought that the vet would just use a sedative.
Sedation is not always safer than a GA. Depending on your dogs age, ask the vet to run some blood work first.
Trust the vet, as you say.Without it, the little one is almost bound to wriggle at some point, making the job problematic.
Max has just had major surgery to remove a spleanic mass and I was worried about the GA. it was a choice between leaving it and eventually the long sleep in a few months or risk it. He had the op and came through ok and according to the vet unless something unexpected occurs there's no reason why he wont be with us for a few more years
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lola is nearly 5 years old. she lives a fab life and does not eat 'rubbish' yet her teeth are ot good. i even give her plaque off daily.
Dogs vary very much in their teeth. Of mine, several are sisters yet one of those has very bad teeth (as her father had) and the rest of them near perfect teeth (like their mother had). That goes for tartar too; the 'good teeth' ones have little, the 'poor teeth' one gets it quickly, yet they have identical diet and care.
Try the Petzlife that jules recommended, also there is a homeopathic remedy called Fragaria that you can buy online which will remove plaque and clean the teeth. Its only about £5 for 100 tablets, you give one a day for a month then one a week for maintenance. I would not worry about the anaesthetic though as most vets use Rapinovet which is quickly reversible and they come round much quicker.
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Just an update. Lola had her dental treatment and by the following day she was back to her normal self. Her teeth look fantastic - and her gums are much healthier looking. Thanks. Dee

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