I was reading abour the ABer who wanted a feather bed. It reminds me of the day when my JRT found my cherished old down quilt when I was out shopping.
Have you ever seen a four-legged hen with a black nose?
Have you ever tried to hoover up down?
Have you ever been so hysterical with laughter that you couldn't stand?
10:04 Fri 27th Jan 2012
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Have you ever seen a rather smiley looking Cavalier armpit deep in polystyrene beans that use to be the filling of a rather large bean bag? Have you ever tried to hoover them up? Have you ever wanted to just turn around and walk way and hope it sorts itself out?
I can't imagine what posesses us to give houseroom to the little monkeys.
I bought my first feather duvet recently - neither cat likes it much as it makes a crunchy noise when they walk on it. They have been warned about wheelie bins and a one-way trip to Korea if they dare to try and kill it.

It is bad enough having toilet rolls disembowelled and the stuffing being pulled from the old arm chair. Bleeding pests.

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