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bought four goldfish 3 weeks ago. they are indoors in a large tank. one of them died today with what looks like small white spots. the tank has an aerator, is spotlessly clean, was set up two weeks before they were put in and is so enormous, you can hardly see the fish. Strangely, I bought ten small gold fish from the same dealer last year, put them into my outside pond with my 3 existing large fish, and all the small ones died of white spot after about 4 months. I tried adding stress relief chemicals and white spot treatment etc. but nothing worked, yet my three existing large fish are still fit and well.
any ideas???
20:39 Fri 16th Mar 2012
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Treatment for whitespot has to to be repeated several times. The parasites can best be treated when in the free swimming stage, so repeats are necessary. Intervals between treatments depends on the water temperature.

Fish are always more susceptible to ailments when stressed, such as a transfer to new aquarium or too big a water change.

Some dealers run water from one tank into the next on etc. so filtering many tanks with one system This also means of course, that any free swimming pathogen can easily infect many tanks, so always look at the fish in several tanks where you are buying from.
At the free swimming stage you probably won't be able to detect parasites so even when the fish look healthy, it is not always so.
Setting up a tank 2 weeks in advance does nothing unless you have cycled it....


An 'aerator' is for aesthetics only and will be of no help to a fish. Oh and unless your 'enormous' tank is the size of a pond it is not big enough, treat them for the white spot and then put them out in your pond.

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