Slow AnswerBank.

Has anyone else noticed that AnswerBank is rather slow this afternoon?
14:57 Fri 03rd Feb 2012
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Like snail pace. I'm fed up with it.

I've just got a 'Answerbank is very busy right now' message.
Very very slow
How did we ever cope with dial up??
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I also got the we are very busy notice !!!
yes I typed question out twice because I thougt I had done something wrong
I thought it was my computer as I've just come on - glad it's not !
Question Author
Yes i get the same message.

/// The AnswerBank is very busy right now. Please try again in a few moments ///
Nothing new there.
I bet we have all thought something was wrong with our own computers. We are good at taking the blame. Lol
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Generally speaking, everything is usually slower on Fridays - companies doing weekly stats, etc ready to send to head office and all manner of other stff like that. Happens every Friday.
Mine seems to have speeded up now, hope thats the same for everyone.
I got the busy screen twice last night so can't blame that on companies weekly stats..................
It's nice to be back. I popped over to the dark side, it was Murph who reminded me of it. What a tiny tiny site. Needed a telescope to make the words out.
A few weeks ago The Ed explained that AB had been disrupted by lots of people using the AB search box. I wonder whether we are being inundated withs earches for Daily Mail prize numbers as it's the final day of that and google searches may be sending everone to AB
Yes, seems to have speeded up now penelope.
i think the ed removed one of my answers. this caused the empire to crash.

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