Can I take tea bags and a small jar of coffee

Can I take a jar of coffee and a box of teabags in my luggage to Alicante, Spain?
14:13 Tue 02nd Sep 2008
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Yes. It's only liquids, creams and gels not allowed through security unless in very small quantities.
I had the delights of my dirty underwear being spread all over a table on the way back from Venice with Ryanair, thanks to a jar of coffee in my hand luggage setting off the security machine! I would probably put the coffee in a plastic tub in future!
ps, the security guy reminded me of one of the guards in "Midnight Express" and gave me a filthy look!
In your kluggage theres no restriction.
its only hand luggage.i doubt youll need teabags or coffee onboard the plane.
btw putting coffee in a ziploc bag or tupperware dish .save on weight.
As others have indicated, the airlines (and airport security staff) will raise no objections to you taking tea and coffee in either your checked baggage or your cabin baggage. (Although it would seem to make more sense to put them in your checked bags).

With the exception of temporary emergency regulations (e.g. relating to BSE), EU law requires that there may be no restrictions placed upon the movement of any goods (including foodstuffs, such as your tea and coffee) within the EU. So the Spanish customs authorities are obliged to let you take your tea and coffee into Spain.

Why would you want to carry coffee and tea to Spain, why not buy it there, coffee is about the same price but tea is cheaper.
Alicante has a really good choice of supermarkets open all hours.

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