getting from Paris Beauvais to disney

Wh's the best way for 3 adults and 2 children to get from Paris Beauvais to disney paris?
11:37 Thu 29th Mar 2012
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This link tells you about trains from Beauvaus to paris

and this one explains how to get to Disneyland

I don't know if the train is better than bus or taxi - oher folk might help out.
Question Author
Thanks Mosiac, looking at those prices it might be as cheap to hire a car.
Those links omit the most convenient way of getting to central Paris - the airport bus


That page also has a link to a company providing a private or share shuttle to Disneyland

Though the optimum answer may be hiring a car and driving yourself
Question Author
dzug, yes I think car hire would be best, tanks
Question Author
Sorry, should be Thanks

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