Where have my Freeview channels gone?

I have a TV a home with built in Freeview. Had it about a year and I have had a lot of channels.

Over the space of 2 weeks I have lost a load of channels! UTV, Channel 4, Sky 3, Music channels, Sky Sports News and a load in between!

I have reset the TV and have checked that the aerial is properly connected but it is still the same!

I wouldn't have minded if I could never have had them, but to have them for so long and then just disappear? Any ideas?
09:35 Tue 16th Sep 2008
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I don't know if this applies to your case, but many set top boxes are now useless as the broadcasters have changed the technology they use. I have a Bush set top box which no longer works and which cannot be updated. There was a mention in the press about this a few weeks ago and I am surprised that the story was allowed to 'die' so easily.
The obsolete boxes are listed here, most were over 5 years old and were originally used for Ondigital.

http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/_media/english/gene ral/models_affected_by_switchover_13may08.pdf. pdf
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Mine isn't a box though. It is built in to the TV.

Any ideas on that one?
Have you re-scanned for channels. This picks up new ones as well like the channel 4 music one.
Ahh so thats why my freeview box isnt working properly !
Fr188in technology

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