JPEG 300 dpi Convervsion

I need to convert a regular jpg image into a 300 dpi resolution but can't find a good free conversion programme anywhere - can someone please try and help me?!?

18:49 Fri 13th Jul 2007
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IrfanView should be on everyone's PC. It's a superb image viewing program but it can also be used for image manipulation:

To change the dpi of an image file, load the file and go to Image > Information. Enter the desired resolution, click 'Set' and 'OK'. Then go to File > Save as. (Don't use 'Save' unless you wish to over-write the original file).

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Buenchico, you're a superstar lifesaver - I used to use this nearly all the time but just couldn't remember the name of it - it's been on my 'puter about 4 times after reformatting virus infected hard-drives!!

It's like ACE FTP - except I remember the name of that one.

Thanks again
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