Wiring a 2-way 2-gang switch (only 2 wires from each!)

Well basically my problem is that I have a two-way two-gang switch and I have wired it every which way I can think of and it still won't work!!? The gang on the left of the switch is for the one-way downstairs light and I have managed to wire this up correctly (with one wire going into the C terminal and one going into L2). I'm now having some problems getting the gang that is supposed to operate the two-way switch working. I have tried putting a wire in to connect the two C terminals (as this had been done with the previous switch that had been in place) and then connecting the two wires into the L1 and L2 terminals. This won't work! Can someone help me.....??
09:30 Wed 30th Nov 2005
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Hi Ruggy, If you already have it connected C to C and L1 + L2 try this - switch on the left hand switch so the light is on, now does the right hand switch work?? If yes the live and switched lines on the left hand switch are crossed over.

OK so the left switch is correct, but check that the live wire from the light fitting (usually red but check) goes to the C terminal and the switched wire back to the light (usually black with red sleeve but check) goes to the L2 terminal. Now link both C terminals which should always be live and on the right switch connect the two wires into the L1 and L2 terminals, it does not matter which goes in which. should work now !?

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Groovy! It finally works.... cheers for that. I know have light!!

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