Media on my laptop wont play?

I was just wondering if you could help me, for about a month now my laptop has decided to suddenly stop playing any type of media.

At first I thought it was just iTunes, so I reinstalled that but it carried on happening. Then I tried windows media player and vlc player and every form of media player on my computer seems to be broken? It happens at different times, it can be like half way through a film, after 20 songs or like 5 seconds into a track? It just stops playing the file all together like I've hit the stop button?

No idea what to do and no internet forum seems to help? Just thought I'd ask before I take it to a PC shop or anything. Is very confusing indeed not to mention annoying!

Thank you, Regards Joe.
23:19 Sat 10th Dec 2011
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Start in safe mode and perform full virus scan. Download and update malwarebytes. Again, run in safe mode full scan. Have you installed anything in the last month? Maybe uninstall if you have. Will media play if you start your laptop in safe mode?

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