Backup duty lite.

For the past week or so this thing [backup duty lite] keeps on appearing on
my computer. It wants me to back up my files. My question is it safe to
proceed or should i get rid. Thanks for any advice.
00:47 Wed 07th Dec 2011
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If it's not something which you've installed because you have need of it, DON'T CLICK 'YES'!!!

Look in your installed programs to see if it's listed there. If so, uninstall it. If not, try downloading, installing and running the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

This product may have been put there by the people who sold you the PC (Dell or whatever).

But if the PC is a few years old and this program has just "appeared" then it sounds rather dodgy.

After all, if it is spam or a virus who knows if you press "Yes" it backs up your files by sending them all to another computer. Then that company has access to ALL the files on your PC and any personal information, userids, passwords etc contained in those files.
Question Author
Thankyou both for your advice. Sorry about taking so long to reply.
Couldn't sleep last nigh so took the opportunity of writing out my christmas
cards. Didn't get to sleep until about 4 this morning.xx. Shall try to uninstal
it when I'm more awake!

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