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I just received an invitation to join Google+ beta so went to sign up and create my account, it is refusing to accept my name due to it not meeting their policy. I entered my real name which is in no way offensive but they have suspended my account whilst they review my name.
Has anyone else who has tried to sign up for Google+ had similar problems?
08:14 Thu 10th Nov 2011
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Lots of people have...

(there name policy is a little harsh to say the least)
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Thanks Chuck. They need to do something about this problem soon or everyone will just stick to Facebook or Twitter.
I joined up, after Ab Editor put out an invitation.

It wanted two names - accepted Venator as one, but demanded another, so I put Cacciatore as a surname (v is latin, C is Italian for hunter)

Now I find that the whole Google empire has changed my name.

Can I get out of it?
They just want your personal info to sell on.

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