Pictures in emails

Does anyone no why, in some emails, pictures don't appear in the text body - just placeholders. The pics follow at the end of the email.........??
XP with Outlook Express
18:24 Thu 16th Oct 2008
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Question Author
... :o(.................. "know"..................
It depends whether the sender has sent them within the email or as attachments, and also if your email recognises the format the pic was sent in
Question Author
oooooooo of course - never thought of the them being attachments....................thank you Ethel
Email can be sent in either plan text format which has no formatting at all, so you can't have bold text, different colour text etc and you also can't embed pictures in the mail, they will be attachments (which is how emails should be sent!)

Or they can be sent in HTML format which allows formatting of the text and pictures embedded in the mail (which is wrong and is not how email should be sent)

so it depends on the format the sender is using.
Question Author
now I know..................thanks Chuck :o)
It is not just how the person SENT it. It also depends how your email system is set up.

Outlook (and I assume other email systems) have an option which says "receive all emails as plain text"

If you have that option set, even if the person sending the email SENDS it in HTML format you will only see it as plain text with the pictures as attachments.
Question Author
Thanks for replying Vhelp...............I've had a look, and I don't have that option checked - so it must be how it's been sent :o)

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