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I have an externally enclosed 1TB SATA hard drive which until yesterday has been absolutely fine (Hitachi). Now, I can faintly hear it make a 'whoop' sound as if trying to boot up with the indicator lamp showing 'red' and after 15/20 seconds turns 'green' but does not show on my monitor as 'mounted'.....It's not any more than two years old and not used daily - Does that sound like 'curtains' for it? Or could it be a cable problem?
07:39 Thu 12th Jan 2012
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Have you tried unplugging everything, replugging it ( power and all)? Mine occasionally does something similar, or occasionally when it picks it up asks if I want to reformat it and usually killing it's power source for about 5 mins does the trick- no idea why as I don't think it ought to make a huge difference, but it does seem to work.
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Thanks for the suggestion NOX- it does seem to come on after several sw on sw off sequences....Can't help wondering if the power supply is beginning to fail...
Whatever the cause, to state the obvious, make sure anything you need kept is backed up now. May be worth running disk check software too after the back-up.
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The odd thing is -I have it running now -after many,many sw on/off attempts! I am also running a virus check too. I wish I knew if the problem was the enclosure itself- I never liked the sort of 'mushy' power switch since I got it....
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My virus check found one called 'class.zip' .....still ploughing through deleting free space on each partition before I try a shutdown & restart....
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Just in case anyone still following this....PROBLEM SOLVED! - After swapping drives over (I have two enclosures for backup) The 'problem' drive booted up normally, allowing me to conclude my suspicion for the enclosure being the culprit! I paid a bit more than I intended for a new enclosure from Maplin but still saved about £70 which I might have spent on a new terra bite SATA drive which was not required.....Thanks to all who responded!

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