Do we need a new battery?

Bought a new charger 2 weeks ago,since then message keeps coming up that battery cannot hold a full charge,hence, do we need a new battery? Also when moving the arrow onto what topic I want to click on,arrow seems to just hover (and quiver) over the topic instead of staying still,as if this isn't enough to send me over the edge,the bloody thing keeps jumping back to previous pages,without hitting the back button,its took me ages to get and stay on here to type this. Any thoughts greatly received,before I hurl the bleeding lappy through the window.
14:59 Wed 10th Aug 2011
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Are you asking about a battery for a laptop computer or something else?
It sounds as if you have a wireless mouse/trackball which is having problems with it's connection? Was that what the battery was for ? Or is this 2 separate problems ?

Re the battery, if it isn't holding a full charge then you should find yourself having to recharge it more often. In which case it may be on its way out.

As for the vibrating/jumping cursor. Unsure. I'd suggest plugging in an alternative input device and see if it has the same problem. Could be a connection issue, or maybe your hand is unintentionally touching something and causing problems ?
You need to fully explain the set up and what battery you are talking about. We gather you have a laptop, we ain't sure what device you are using to control the pointer/arrow with? Is it a wireless mouse? are you using a mouse with a wire attached,or a built on device like a touch pad or trackball actually on the laptop it's self. If It's a wireless mouse then you may be refuring to the battery/s in that or if not maybe the actual laptop battery, If so try using the mains adaptor and see if the problem still persists. It's hard to help you when you ain't fully explained everything.
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Yes scotman am asking about a battery for a laptop, OG,I really dont know if its 2 seperate problems,all I know is that the charger stopped charging a couple of weeks ago so we bought a knew one,this was fine for a few days, then this message started to pop up saying 'battery could not hold a full charge think about replacing battery'. The cursor does vibrate when you hold it over certain things,its just very odd. Rav dont know how else to explain it. Anyway thanks for the input chaps,OH says we'll take to the local computer shop and let them have a look at it.Probably be easier to let someone see what it does than trying to explain,thanks again for trying to help. x

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