Golf Shot

golf shot GK 53down
16:57 Sat 13th Apr 2013
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DRAW ? how many letters?
53d Draw

Hi bassman6 - this type of Q would be better placed in "Crosswords", also it's always nice to include the full clue, number of letters & any you've placed, so that people without the puzzle can more readily help :-)
So you were right, Lie-in King ;-)

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Help is required. 3d. Golf Shot, letters I have are:- ?T?O?E, 8d. Reconstructed (13)19a. Seminar ??T?R???/ any help would much appreciated. Dave.
To settle a bet, could anyone tell me if it would be in any way possible for someone to hit a golf ball into orbit around the moon - given a natural and unobstructed tee shot from the moon's surface?
what do you call a chunk of turf displaced by a golf shot.
70across. 5letters Clue. Golf Shot Cryptic.'get up and go' is a long shot. -r-n- I thought might be irons but not certain if this is a golf shot....

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