Whippets Instead Of Mavericks

Okay, okay ... this is ridiculous.

Sky have moved the Thursday evening Netball to make way for ...

... whippet racing.

Yes, seriously!

SkySports4, 8pm (the netball slot, Hello!!!) ... is showing

... "greyhound racing from Swindon".


So, anyway ... tonight's netball has been bumped to SkySports3 at 4pm.

Yes, the tea time slot. =0(

Having said which ... if you have to miss a week of our beloved Thursday Netball, this is not a bad week to miss. As I expected, they are showing the Mavericks v Thunder game. Thunder spanked the pants off Mavericks, so it was a bit one sided. Some fantastic netball from Thunder, apparently, so I'll watch it for that, but I'm not going to say that you must see this game.
07:16 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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is nothing no longer sacred JJ ?
Question Author
Apparently not!
Question Author
You have all been watching this, yes?

It was actually a good game. Better than I expected.

Mavericks played well, but Thunder are just awesome at the moment.

I think Surrey Storm have got them twice in April.
lol lol er whippets and greyhounds are not the same thing :-)
Question Author
I think you'll find they are, crafty.
I have enjoyed many a greyhound meeting.............I have never seen a whippet race.
Thunder spanked the pants off Mavericks

do they show this before the watershed?
Question Author
Well, they're really similar.

So what do whippets do, if they don't race? (apart from "play netball")

Question Author
LOL jno
They do actually race in the US I think as their whippets are bred bigger.....
wiki says "Whippets have been called a "poor man's racehorse." As their heritage would suggest, whippets are outstanding running dogs and are top competitors in lure coursing, straight racing, and oval track racing."
lol jno I've never seen one race................they're half the size of greyhounds.
Question Author
So you didn't watch the match then?
not in Texas, craft... they're 6 feet tall and children ride them... whippet ranches can cover thousands of acres
Question Author
whippet ranches?


what is this "seriously" of which you speak?
Question Author
There is "seriously" some World Cup skiing on EuroSport UK at 7.00.


Channel 410
Question Author
The skiing is really good.

Women's Giant Slalom.

Channel 410, EuroSport UK ... right now !
Just say 'Whippet' again JJ, please?
Daft geordies race whippets.

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