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Friends are opening a shop and they want to call it Lovejoys - is there any reason why they can't?
22:56 Sun 28th May 2006
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Is it an antique shop? If it is, I think it would be a bit tacky.

thats almost as bad as the second hand furniture shops called Del Boys !!!!!

dont envy u telling your friends though.good luck.

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Well if your friend intend selling antique vibrators, you WILL be asking for trouble....
I've seen several shops around the country trading as 'Lovejoy's' and I'm not aware that anyone's issued a legal challenge to them. However, if your friends' shop is selling antiques, they should be made aware that the name 'Lovejoy Antiques' is a registered trademark and 'Lovejoy's' might be considered to be too close to it:


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