Sunday Crusader & his Squire

Hi, still looking for 4d) C-A-H-D clue embarrassed or uncomfortable 5d) N-L-D-D clue deceived. For 4a) I have conversed?! many thanks to oldwoman. Am also two answers adrift on the �1000 crossword. 2d) R_U_ clue an overwhelming defeat. 10a) S_H__U_E_ clue a wire-haired breed of dog of the terrier group, with a greyish coat and distinctive beard?? Thanks in anticipation.
23:33 Sun 07th Jun 2009
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2d rout
10a schnauzer

5d deluded
5d deluded?
4d If your "c" is wrong it could be abashed
Question Author
Many thanks to ulysses100 & Polly1958 have rearranged some answers and have completed my crosswords. Cheers
So is 4d abashed?
Question Author
Infomaniac . yes my answer was wrong the word was abashed. Many thanks.

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