Sweet and chocolate quiz.

Does anybody know a chocolate or sweet to the question Sport for Princes also how many planets are named after Chocolate or sweets
10:24 Mon 03rd Mar 2008
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well you could say none - it's the other way round!
other than that, just Mars ?
or millions - Galaxy !

better stop now, I'm on a roll.
Question Author
thankyou Hammersgirl.
That was the answer I had but there was another question which would also fit polo and that was Marcos sweets so I am a bit confused, surely they wouldn't have the same answer to two different questions , I also had Galaxy and Mars, the questions for these was This chocolate is in space, A chocolate planet. but there was mothers local which Mars bar would fit . Am I making sense to you. Thankyou once again
Milky Way
Question Author
Thank you Poohshunny, I have Milky way for The earth is inthis solar system
How many planets are named after chocolates or sweets- could it be twix (Three) surely it wants to be a number?
Question Author
Headley, I was asking the question how many Planets are named after chocolate/s The quiz questions are.
This chocolate is in space
A chocolate planet
The earth is in this solar system
Mothers local to which my answer is Mars bar, if Mars bar is the answer to Mothers local it can't be the answer to a Chocolate Planet. I'm beginning to doubt myself now

galaxy !!!!!!
Question Author
Thanks Ginger Bird,
I have Galaxy for This chocolate is in space
Could Mother's local be Milky Bar (as in Mother's milk) ?
I would say that chocolate planet should be Mars

ma's bar {mars bar}
Question Author
Thankyou to all who have tried to help me with this quiz, Milky Bar could fit but I think Mars Bar fits in better for Mothers Local. I'm beginning to regret ever taking part now.Thanks again all Answer Bankers for your suggestions.

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