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This book cannot be located (7)
The African Queen allegedly liberated what into England? (5,9)
Any ideas much appreciated.
22:27 Wed 12th Dec 2012
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Erewhon ??? (not very likely)
Question Author
Thank you Bibblebub for working on this for me. I was not getting nowhere fast with it! I feel maybe that Hepburn being an early women's lib lady might guide me the right way for the second one, but probably on the wrong track.
I have looked at various sites about Cleopatra, in particular Shakespeare's version, and wondered if it was to do with powerful women but that is probably being too obscure.
Question Author
Thank you again for researching. I have also looked at Cleopatra. If it stumps bibblebub I know it is a tricky one!
not true, i'm currently having trouble making my brain click into crossword mode
Question Author
I have even had Freddie Mercury thoughts.
Book is Missing am also stuck on African Queen
it's harder than ever this year Do you have P.L. no 4 and 8 , would appreciate help on those

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