The KM Links Game - March week 4 results

And a very Good Morning to all - another glorious Autumn day here, sunny warm and 26d lovely day to go out and do something/anything ... maybe I can con Mr S into taking me out to lunch, cos it's too good to miss !!

Well we all managed a pretty good handle on which goes with what this time - are we getting wise to Kate's whimsies ... well some of you are as these were the matches -

Grand Opera
Mini Skirt
Pearl Barley
Golden Eagle

And the STAR TURN this week came from CLIFFYG who scooped the pool with all four correct and collected 10 points and the top spot on the Leader Board for his efforts

Mind you, there's quite a pack in hot pursuit as 6 players all scored 6 points for three correct matches and there's still another week to go ....heavens, anything could happen !!!

So Very Well Done to all and we'll reconvene next Saturday for the final assault at the same place, the time ... well that's anyone's guess - cheers for now - skz
01:23 Mon 26th Mar 2012
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and a very crowded LEADER BOARD

19 points - cliffyg

15 points - tearinghair, owllady & seekeerz

14 points - Jean G

13 points - lysander, bryher, rockfordill, Mr A & grannydi

11 points - patchett

10 points - beejay1124, ShazzaH & Muzz

9 points - Brenden

8 points - london_lassy, gen2, Aquagility, keyboardix. wickedtongue, roslyn251254, Mrs E & Rose Maybud

7 points - tyrepill, slaney, kawakiri, anikomo, joto, his lordship, & No1 Offspring

6 points - HandBagLady & paulineward

5 points - sibton, jobjockey & barb7771

4 points - 10 players

3 points - 8 players

2 points - 5 players

1 point - 3 players

and likely to be busier next week - so keep up the good work, stay safe and I'll catch you later, Steff
Question Author
Two quick amendments after working through the spreadsheets -

also on 7 points - cpfcrosie & Eiggam, apologies ladies, I mislaid you temporarily, sorry !!
Thanks skz. For once my second thought (pearl barley) would have been a better choice, but never mind. Well done to all scorers and particularly to cliffyg.
lovely in essex too i may celebrate by taking lady jo and jess out to lunch
Thanks Steff and well done cliffyg! That is brillent.
Enjoy your sunshine Steff, it is lovely here in Manchester also the last few days. :-))
Thank you Steff for remmebering me- I wondered where I had gone !

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