can any one please give me clues for the following
no 2,3,15,28,29,31,109,111
any help appreciated
13:26 Tue 20th Mar 2012
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29 is a delivery firm. can you give me a clue please for 16. thanks.
Think of an organisation for very clever people.
clue for 31 on previous post. 109 an Elton John song across the channel, 111 song familiar to Fidel Castro.
As requested on the previous post, can someone enlighten me as to what heage is, and how I can see the what the various numbers mean?
Bigjack - if you google The Village Hall at Heage quiz you will find out. It is an excellent quiz. A bit late for this one as the deadline loomns, but there will hopefully be another!
I have gone as far back as I can but can't find a clue for number 31. Could you please tell me what it was?
How sad that on an answer forum someone with a question was told to go and Google it.
I don't understand these either. I won't Google it thanks. I'll stay uninvited.
Thanks, GIOBATE. Will check up when home and with spare time.
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thank you all for your help still need some .sorry cant give more details as its a picture quiz!!
MargaretRae - No 31 is a female from an area of Rio de Janeiro.
Thank you Giobate I got number 31 from your clue. I am getting so fed up with this quiz I am ready to give up. Some of the clues are harder than the original clues and they are hard enough.

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