names of whisky

1. east aberdeenshire collects first + two directions
2. vale gets bee without east add pain minus direction
3. mixed support and direction leads tower
4. 500 with direction add fights
5. GLEN leads mixed wind propellant
6. the gent swallows shout with first
19:23 Tue 13th Mar 2012
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4 Dewars
6 Macallan? ma-call-a-n
Question Author
thanks for another 2 quinie got no 7 stewarts cream of the barley
2 Glendronach = glen + dron(e) + ach(e)
Just beat me to it,bibblebub!
3 Glenturret = anagram of 'leg' + n + turret
3 Glenturret
Just beat me to it, bibblebub!
3 Glenturret
either of you two are going to beat me to the other 2 names
the race is on ( I'm glued, to see who gets the last 2)
I'm off to the pub (cheat, cheat, cheat)
1 Buchanans Buchan-a-n&s
I so want 6 to be Haig
5 Glenisla? glen +sail mixed
Phew!! well done,quinie you'll need a cuppa
cuppla haufs mair like quinie, Slainte!
I'm awa to have cream of the barley
Just having a cuppa,katburd! Was getting thirsty, thinking about drinks.Had to think what the answer could be then check to see if it was a whisky.Can't stand the "craitur" except in a toddy.
Question Author
thankyou all so much once again. thanks to quinie for winning the race to get the last one.I can see where you get haig also sibton good answer.

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