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It appears there is a breakdown failure on the new site. There is obviously some hickup and it was clear how we had previously all missed it so Good Luck in getting it up & running again.
09:29 Tue 21st Feb 2012
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That is a shame. Major hardware failure they say and extended downtime. Was on it yesterday evening and it suddenly went funny.
Hope they are successful soon. As you say we do miss it.
Tried to email Sue but no reply so I have a feeling its a bit major
had just got back into the swing of it
Question Author
Yes smouse, from the activity on there, I think I can say that we all appreciated it being back. I thought it was a lot nicer and brighter than the old site, lets hope it's not too long before we are all back chatting again.
Just had an email from them
Have received an email from them saying sue thinks its her fault but shes not sure what shes done lol but they are trying to fix and to bear with them, getting withdrawal symptoms already....
Let me rephrase that, have had an email about them, not from them lol, im not a member but do look for the quizzes

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