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Which word(s) either most closely connect(s) or describe(s) each group of words? (eg Happy, Sleepy, Bashful = severn dwarfs)
Herr Tosca, orchestra, carthorse
Whitehall, Vine, Kay, Steel
Q, bell sand, sapper
Pepper's, wheat, marley, casper
Anthony, long, way, St Abbs
18:33 Mon 30th Jan 2012
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Herr Tosca, orchestra, carthorse
are anagrams of each other
Anthony, long, way, St Abbs = Head

Anthony Head, headlong, headway, St Abbs Head
herr tosca, orchestra, carthorse are all anagrams of each other
Pepper's, wheat, marley, casper
2. Whitehall etc. - they are all comedians.
Q, bell sand, sapper
If Bell and Sand are 2 different items then they are pen names

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