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Help, I'm stuck on the last few clues!!!

21A) Term for the diameter of a fibre or wire? _ A _ G _ Gauge?

33A) A very small brook, also a channel constructed to convey water? R _ L _?

43A) Positively charged conductor through which electrons flow into an electrical device? _ _ _ D _ ? Anode??

8D) Alloy that was originally chiefly composed of lead and tin? _ E _ N _ ?

17D) Woodland and farmland dwelling bird which may be observed interacting with flocks of chaffinches? B _ A _ B _ I _ G?

30D) Historically, a carriage pulled by a tri of horses? U ) I _ O _ _?

Many thanks for any help!!!
19:44 Sun 03rd Jul 2011
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30d unicorn
8d terne
21a, Gauge
33a, Rill
43a, Anode
8d, Terne
17d, Brambling
30d, Unicorn
17D is a "brambling"

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