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10 across inflammation and swelling of a lymph node,[4] -u-o, 11a one who tries to promote something or express opinions vociferously,[3,7] ------m-e-, 23a technical name for sheep pox,a viral disease of small ruminants[6] -v-n-a, 24a a mixture of yiddish and english spoken by jews in the us,[8] --n-l-s-, 3down the ancient roman goddess of victory,identified with the greek goddess ,nike,[8] -i---r-a, 4d old slang term for a man who makes advances especially to women he does not know,with a view to physical intimacy,[6] -a---r, 8d dress designer who gained world fame with irish style and fabrics, clothing such celebrities as jackie kennedy and elizabeth taylor,[5,8] s---l-o-n-l--
01:24 Mon 22nd Feb 2010
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There is a Search box at the top of this page. I found this link by copying just one of your clues into it. Try the others and any not answered already post them again. I saw the sheep pox one answered at least 6 times on Sunday 21st.
8d Sybil Connolly
4d Masher
10a Bubo
3d Victoria
11a Tub thumper
23a Ovinia
24a Yinglish
19dmos is idola

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