S.express £1000 Crossword

Morning all, stuck on 24a A bream of eastern Australia that is silver in colour with gold streaks (8)

I have

Any ideas? Can't find this anywhere, thanks.
08:52 Sun 16th Jun 2013
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tarwhine http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tarwhine

p.s. i found that by simply doing a search for the clue that you gave
p.p.s. I just tried using Google and realise why you couldn't find it - 99% of the time I avoid Google and, instead, use a non-tracking search engine https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bream+of+eastern+australia+that+is+silver+in+colour+with+gold+streaks which gives it right at the top of the list of entries
eh ?
Question Author
Thanks all and I've noted the search engine issue bibblebub...many thanks.
tarwhine .... australian bream

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