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Stuck on 2 viz 13ac (5) Having dredged-up materials, turn over empty borders S?O?L (thought shoal as relating to dredge but could not parse) and 20 ac (5) Record having a roll in the grass? May be once H?P?Y (none of the possibles makes any sense to me)

Can anyone enlighten me - I shall be eternally grateful
19:08 Mon 19th Nov 2012
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Haply ? LP reversed in Hay?
old word for 'perhaps'...may be
spoil? Ps reversed + oil?
13a) SPOIL [=dredged-up materials]

put O inside 'lips' and reverse it
I agree with Haply
and here's a page about spoils http://www.hoses.net/dredge-spoil.htm
Question Author
Thank you gentlemen and lady - you always manage to come uip trumps! I looked at the link and note the information it contained - thank you again
Happy to help. Who's the lady, though?

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