thats life issue 43

Does anyone know the aswere to fit five, Made a mess of it. Thanks
18:45 Fri 19th Oct 2012
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Is this a Crossword (as you are in Crosswords)? If so, please can you tell us the clue and details of letters. Thanks
Question Author
There is no clue it is a puzzle. Are you the new editor?
No, I'm trying to help. You are in Crosswords so I asked if there was a clue.
what page?
He cant be editor and keep despot happy, lol!
Question Author
No there is no clue. It is a puzzle with a grid. Page 34 cupid Thanks
Do I get best answer then?
Question Author
I only got mine today. I'll complete it and get back to you!
ive got brief hope that helps
Question Author
Thanks mallyh
I've got B?I?F
just done this with one eye on Emmerdale. Agree it's BRIEF!
Question Author
Oh dear buy the mag factor30 (it is not a crossword) as you said.
Question Author
Thanks for your help all.
the answer is BRIEF
I made the answer BRIEF
better late than never, addictive!
I made it BRIEF

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