times jumbo

last ones - rather obtuse clues in here...or else it's me
can anyone help with the wordplay?
11 dn Flower vacated bed
R?s? - must be ROSE but why??
17ac Politician put on summer wear for a little romance say 5,5
S?O?T / ?T?R? looks like SHORT STORY - but why story??
55ac Warmer air for a couple to shelter against D?V?T
DUVET - but why??
12:06 Sun 05th Feb 2012
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Shorts Tory..Short Story
A rose out of bed ? perhaps
yes it is rose rose from ones bed
When you get up you rise so past tense Rose.
11d rose = double definition 'flower' + got up/vacated bed
v ..against

Air...song...Duet shelter v
a "warmer"..blanket...Duvet

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