11 across above american peak (5) ?O?U? 11a is doughnut . Thanks
10:41 Tue 17th Jan 2012
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May end in US
Question Author
could it be donut?
Sorry i'm confused. You have given the clue for 11a and then said the answer to 11a is doughnut
Question Author
apologies the clue is for 6 down!
explanation:- about american = US there is peak = TOR, and a TORUS is a doughnut shape (the one with a hole in the middle)
(meant above american... not about...)
Thanks, it makes sense now I know that the words "11 across" is part of the clue and not the question number
I'm guessing this is the Irish RT?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^forget that, I've got the wrong Mag in front of me...........doh!!!!!!

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