11 across above american peak (5) ?O?U? 11a is doughnut . Thanks
09:41 Tue 17th Jan 2012
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May end in US
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could it be donut?
Sorry i'm confused. You have given the clue for 11a and then said the answer to 11a is doughnut
Question Author
apologies the clue is for 6 down!
explanation:- about american = US there is peak = TOR, and a TORUS is a doughnut shape (the one with a hole in the middle)
(meant above american... not about...)
Thanks, it makes sense now I know that the words "11 across" is part of the clue and not the question number
I'm guessing this is the Irish RT?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^forget that, I've got the wrong Mag in front of me...........doh!!!!!!

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