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Can anybody help me with these last two please. use gold to make car [4[ ?u?o. very soft lead found in straight line of rock [6] r?b?l?. Thought it might be rubble but can't quite see the connection.
13:27 Sat 01st Oct 2011
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very soft lead = BB [pencils]
straight line = RULE

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Ofcourse!! Thank you. Any idea about the other clue?
Question Author
Bibblebub thank you. regards from sunny Wales
assume you mean explanation for auto au chemical symbol for gold followed by to from the clue
Au= element of gold add to (auto)
Question Author
Actually meant the rubble one thank you all the same. Once again regards from sunny Wales
"get alsace-lorraine" sorted with a displat of smart clothes 9,8
Sartorial elegance
wow thx would never have got that
what about "report on a group of conservationists or an office worker" 10...

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