What is the computer code for alphanumeric characters :

12:12 Sun 31st Jul 2011
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this has been answered numerous times before!
how patronising! very helpful to newcomers to the sight like myself.
Lukey, it's not intended to be unhelpful or patronising, but there is already a useful Search facility on this site - if you type "computer code for alphanumeric characters" in the red search box at the top of the screen, you can see how often this question has been asked (and answered) already in the last few days.
^ besides, lukey, you're not a newcomer - your stats say you joined five years ago?
look lukey and boxtops there is only one weay to settle this A FIGHT BEHIND THE BIKE SHED
Nah thanks bob, not my style, bike sheds.
You are so patronising berny - some of us only visit the site the odd time and haven't seen your 'numerous' answers!!!!!!!!
I think that those of us who do not use the site very often and are not fully aware of the search facility in the red box do not need smart arse answers from others who must have so much time to waste and think them selves so very clever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't get ruffled, folks - it's not worth it, and I don't think the first reply was patronisin just factual, but it would have been helpful to have indicated how the OP could check for themselves.
what is the computer code for alphanumeric characters

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