FMCG: What are Fast Moving Consumer Goods?

I know what FMCG stands for (at least I am pretty sure that I do).

But please give some examples of what does (and what does not) count as FMCG.  Why has the term arisen?  I have seen the term used many times when looking at jobs in warehouses.

12:45 Sun 27th Feb 2005
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They are typically personal consumables, such as shampoo, dry food.  Nestle, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever are some of the biggest FMCG companies.  The issue is cutting cost in the supply chain, hence the importance of warehousing.

I don't know of a hard and fast definition, as people use FMCG in different ways.  Some people would include cigarettes and alcohol, but some would not (different logistical issues).  Look at their websites for the types of products they produce

To my knowledge, just about anything in a supermarket is classes as FMCG...which stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

It's just another term coined by marketing gurus who have to give everything a catchy name! :-)

Hope this helps:-)

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