who said i will scream and scream until i am sick

i remember that Queenie in Black adder said the first bit of 'i will scream' but im sure a small girl in the 70's on TV said the full phrase 'i will scream and scream until i am sick', does anyone know?
13:58 Fri 08th Dec 2006
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The 70's programme was "Just William" and I think the little kid was bonnie langford but I might be wrong on that.
I saw it once on a visit to England at the time and it stuck in my head as a truly atrocious programme. Lol.
It was Violet Elizabeth Bott who lived next door to William, hero of the books by Richmal Crompton, and made into several televised series. If memory serves, she was played by Bonnie Langford in one incarnation.
Bit of cross-posting there nox - great minds and all that ...
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Great Guys, thanks for that, i've now won the bet as my friend was sure it was Queenie who said it first!! cheers Merrry Xmas :0)
Sorry, andy-hughes, but the girl who (only for a while) lived next door to William was Joan, the only female member of the Outlaws.The awful Violet Elizabeth lived at The Hall with her nouveau-riche parents, Mr Bott having made his fortune from Bott's Sauce which the Outlaws claimed was made from crushed beetles. Yes, it was Bonnie Langford who played her last time. No, I don't wear an anorak; I'm merely a fan.
Violet used to say "I'll scweam and scweam and make mythelf thick" She had a lisp:-)
Actually, Daisy 48, it was "I'll thcream and thcream until I'm thick. I can!"
bonnie langford
bonnie langford in the just william series
The TV series was preceded by the radio series and Violet Elizabeth was played by Hattie Jacques, no less!

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