ogi ogi ogi

I'm not British so I don't know what this means. I thought it was just from Gavin in the "Office" series but I just heard it again on another program.

What does ogi ogi ogi - oi oi oi mean? or its origins?
21:43 Fri 07th Jul 2006
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Its welsh for a kind of meat pie. Glyn in Big Brother has just used it
The first time I heard it was as the catchphrase of Welsh alleged "comedian" Max Boyce.
Oggy is Cornish for pasty!

The cry "Oggy Oggy Oggy!" would be heard as the pastry filled lunches were thrown by the women down the tin mines to their menfolk.

The pastry was discarded and not eaten, just there to protect the filling en route and for the men to hold on to while eating as there was no-where to wash their hands!

Quite fancy one now actually...
ogi ogi ogi, was used by the street vendor as he walked through the streets in Wales selling his Pies, a bit like his jingle or chime by todays vendors... oi oi oi was the response made by someone to catch his attention, willing to purchase the pies from the vendor.
this is obviously the origin of the phrase "ziggy-zoggy, ziggy-zoggy, oi oi oi" chanted on "the man show", here in america. it seems to have gotten there, as a corrupted version of the athletic chant. surely so, since the next motion is to drink a beer.
frenchfriar ... I hate to disappoint but it is very much a Welsh thing... Not sure which of the above answers are the true Origin but it could possible be both as we have many different meanings for the same words so i see no reason why this wouldnt apply .... this chant has long been used at rugby matches also. So american TV has no bearing on this what so ever and it has not originated from Ziggy ziggy ziggy.... although knowing how some welsh people like our booze ... it could be followed by beer for sure.

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