What do you think of the DNA Database?


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A senior judge has said that all people in the UK should be on the DNA database. The database is already the largest in the world. What do you think about the possibility of it becoming compulsory?

A. The database should be for criminals only. Making it compulsory would just be another unacceptable intrusion into our personal lives
35.43% (429 votes)
B. The database is a good idea for helping reduce crime, but it should only be expanded if the data is completely secure
32.95% (399 votes)
C. Yes it's a good idea. Any way of making our country safer should be embraced as a good thing
23.37% (283 votes)
D. There shouldn't be any sort of DNA database. These things are too vulnerable to being hacked into and abused
8.26% (100 votes)

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