Tourette syndrome

Tourette syndrome.....sudden outbursts of uncoordinated muscular movements repetitive with no useful end result.

Ed Balls at PMQ's ....exactly the same.

What IS the big deal?
08:15 Sun 08th Jan 2012
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havent a clue sqad

but glad to see your on more again . I hope this means your well
Question Author
S_C....LOL...thanks...............yepp, getting better by the day.
welcome back feel better keep warm lots of love t
I somehow thought the characteristic of Tourette's was inappropriate verbal outbursts - didn't know about the muscular thing.
mosaic look it up
it was a stupid comment by the PM, for people who genuinely suffer from tourettes, it's a living nightmare.
Question Author seems that the "outbursts" are from people who do NOT suffer from the would be interesting to get the comments of true sufferers and I bet that they would laugh at Cameron's comments.
sqad, whilst i wouldn't put down your obvious medical knowledge, i watched a most heart wrenching documentary a while back and the poor boy was a wreck, his life ruined by the debilitating problem, and it's not just the swearing, but the muscular tics, and involuntary body movements, i felt a deep sense of pity for someone so afflicted.
that's what i meant, it was an idiot throwaway comment from someone who should know better.
sorry sqad didnt miss you enough
There was a program on TV last week about 'Living with Tourettes' the involuntary jerky movements are a major part of it.
I missed you sqad. I'm glad you are getting better. Are you well enough to answer a health question? (I'm selfish as always) I have this crackling noise in my left ear. Every time I move it crackles and when I tried massaging behind it it crackled even worse and didn't go away. Should I go to the doc's or just ignore it?
starbuckone, possibly what i have going on, blocked ears since early dec, and looks like will have to seek help from ENT. Sometimes when blow my nose it pops, crackles and hurts, so perhaps seek doctors help, or if
sqad has a better suggestion?
Question Author
starby.........could either be wax or fluid in the middle ear..........neither a big deal, but annoying. Go to your GP and let him have a look.
Thanks squad - it feels like fluid. Sorry to be so cheeky, since you have far more to worry about than this. I shall make an appointment, mainly because it is getting on my nerves and I can understand how it is affecting you em.
well Ed Balls is a jerk - so what's the issue, it's true.

No, I am surprised at Cameron making such a comment as it is crass....After Diane Abbott's comment, the Red Rose will be going "Phew" this morning
It is part of the Circus..the Drama in the Commons

But Cameron,unerringly..seems to strike a bum note,with the hecklers..he"s a Toff..certainly not an amusing Toff!
How come Diane Abbott gets a censuring for making an allegedly racist comment, whereas a comment about a chronic clinical condition doesn't get disciplined?
boxy, I agree, and apparently he has apologised, but Dianne Abbott remarks aren't one off's, she is known for putting her foot in it, and you can't make twitter comments as she did, without someone looking in.

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