Immigrant Defrauds Council Headline - but how was he even eligible for them?

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cathfromsaron | 11:56 Sat 26th Nov 2011 | News
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i don't care what racial origin he is, that is beside the point i am making ...

he isn't a paid up contributor to the National Insurance or tax system FULL STOP, whatever colour or origin, and also forget the fact that his disability claim was fake!

he is housed and receives £400,000 worth of services he doesn't actually need ... how?

and his family are now getting british pensions ... how?

elderly and disabled people i know can't get diddly squat and they have paid in! what on earth went on and who will take the blame?

answers on a postcard ...


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You'd have to ask the powers that be that question!
Seems ridiculous to me that he wasn't checked out years ago. Why can't all the relevant agencies be linked ?
12:43 Sat 26th Nov 2011
I would make it the No.1. rule, if you are not on the completed Census list , no benefits whatsoever.
but they only occur every 10 years..
Sorry, so they do.
With regard to checking information on a claim form, it is not practical to check every bit of information. If something is not inherently improbable, the information is often accepted. Checks are often based on either a legal requirement, the level of risk or cost savings. If there's a 1% chance a certain type of claim may be wrong, is it cost-effective to check 100% of those claims?
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thanks for replies again! i'm still stunned by this guy receiving care under false pretences! x

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Immigrant Defrauds Council Headline - but how was he even eligible for them?

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