Wesley McGoogan

Does anyone know what Wesley McGoogan is doing these days? He played saxaphone on Hazel O'Connor's only major hit. Brilliant.
23:57 Wed 22nd Dec 2004
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He joined The Beat soon after, until they broke up in 1983. Don't know what he's up to now but he may be mentioned on their website http://www.thebeatuk.com

At some point in time, he played in Billy Ocean's band, so that may well be him on "When the Going Gets Tough"!  He's moved into film direction, directing a short feature on his son, Lester, whose drawings have been exhibited in the Tate Modern.  He's also done a film called "Red Years, Black Years" about events leading to the Spanish Civil War.  There's a review of "Lester's World" here (second review on the page):


Wesly Mcgoogan played brilliant sax on our track

he play sax & lyricon on our track
"Im a millionaire"

the Features
video of wesley mcgoogan on sax with
emma sharpe and the features
video of wesley mcgoogan on sax with
wesley mc googan played sax on our track
"Wonderland" 1982
Emma Sharpe and the Features

also check out "I'm a millionaire" where he plays
sax and lyricon!

all the best alan hall
the Features
indie pop rock feat wesly mcgoogan
wesley mcgoogan lost his fingers in a tragic saw accident
wesley mc googan lost his fingers in a tragic accident with a saw. what a huge loss to the music world. paul.

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