Song Called Parachutes

Hi Everyone,

was wondering if anyone knows who, other than Coldplay sang the song Parachutes......I have a copy of the song and no idea who sang it.....any help much appreciated.
10:43 Sat 19th Jul 2008
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According to Google it was Pearl Jam and/or Sean Lennon but I don't know if they're the same as the Coldplay song or just other songs with the same title.
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Hi Houdi,
Thanks for checking that out...I was very much into pearl jam&even bought albums of them for my then teenage daughter..Sean Lennon didn't do much but I liked him too,so will follow up your different track from coldplay...just listening to it now--last few lines is parachute over me repeated...cheers..textmistress
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Not Pearl jam nor Sean Lennon..
lyrics begin....There we stand about to fly,peeking down overland parachute behind...what was that moment for in which we live without a parachute about to dive..found myself convincing blindly falling faster.......ends with lots of marching drums in background...and singing parachute over me(over and over)...Hope someone out there will recognize lyrics!!
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Cheers for that..Must say i've never heard of them,but will now find out more!!!! ps. dont get your scrolly upside down ??? marks...must be my age!!!!
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Not really -dare I ask what the D.T.H. Is for??-maybe not-lol its probably some ancient greek symbols!!!! Anyhow i've had a look at Gusters biography&as I guessed most of their tracks look sombre&depressing(just my cup of tea!!!)I tend to like artists who are no longer with us(Jeff Buckley,Nick Drake)cheers again...
DTH = Does this/that help.

Er, DTH? ;-)

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