Anyone like rock?

This band is excellent.
22:51 Sat 18th Feb 2012
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Sounds like a cross between The Offspring and The Dandy Worhols.
Question Author
I'd agree with you about the Dandy Warhols Mark, a couple of their songs you'd think it was the Dandy Warhols lead singer. They also remind me of the Klaxons.
Sounds good. Reminds of something else though
It reminded me a bit of this, as well as the Dandy Warhols!
There's also a bit of Pump it Up in there
Reminds me of something from Josh Homme et al's Desert Session albums...
The new Meatloaf album is out on Feb 27th, woohoo!
OK ..I'm sure stuff like this was being churned out 30 years ago or more.
Question Author
That is one song, they have others. They remind me of QOTSA too snags in that they bring a uniqueness to a lot of their songs. Not like most bands were you can immediately tell who is playing within about ten seconds of a song.
''They remind me of QOTSA too''

Mark Lanegan has done vocals for them and some band members are from Millionaire... both collaborators with Mr Homme...
I like rock

Blackpool, Edinburgh; I am not fussy.
yes, also thought they sound like QOTSA, good track, thanks for the tip :)
''also thought they sound like QOTSA''

The new Meatloaf album is out on Feb 27th, woohoo!

lol, I never had boxy down for being sarcastic.

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