Name this song.

What is the name to this song. It's on a trailer for The Walking Dead and I can't find the name of it anywhere???
http://www.istockphot...the-morning-comes.php Media URL:
13:30 Fri 17th Feb 2012
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Jonny Cash
There has been a thread on here before which identified the song- type Walking Dead in the AB search box
Sorry- I can't see the earlier thread
Question Author
Ok It's not Johnny Cash..... Sounds a bit like him but it's not.... at least it's no song I can find of his. Also the previous thread refered to a different trailer and song :( If it's any help the lyrics are on that link on the bottom right
That link doesn't work for me.
It is Johnny Cash , I think
Not this one?
Ok, it's not that. That appears on youtube though under Walking Dead theme
Question Author
Yeah, there was another trailer which they used that tune for.... They've used Johnny Cash before that aswell but this one has me stumped. I'm 99% certain it's not a cash song.
Don't think you will have much luck with this as others have been asking in other forums.

Question Author
After years of searching turns out its called til te morning comes by sonny ray.

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