Tune playing on Celebrity Jungle when Sinitta and Pat Sharp met....?

Can anyone please please let me know the name of the tune that was playing on Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, it's just a tune, no words, "chinesey" sounding if that makes any sense lol, och it's really bugging me - please guys let me know if you can!!

Another one for my IPod if I can get the name of it!!!!

Cheer LF
21:34 Wed 16th Nov 2011
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Dunno but I thought it hilarious when they were about to get on the little plane and Pat turned to sinitta and said (in all seriousness): "I thought you were going to be big and strong..." Altogether now: So Macho!!! And as for Sinitta saying of when they first met in the 80s: "I was THE big pop star then" She was???? In Outer Mongolia maybe.
i know one of the tunes was from the theme air wolfwhen they were in the helicopter i want to know the othr one before that
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Yeah Devlin it's the other one I would like to know too - it's on the tip of my toungue, really bugging me!!! ha ha. Is it called "??Something's Theme??" or something like that, ie "Name, Theme?" Or Theme from "something?"?
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its crocketts theme from miami vice
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Thanks Filbert!

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