Traffic Light camera

Was driving through Thetford today (A11) and there is a single lane carriage way with traffic lights, and a camera behind the lights.
I was approaching the lights today and they turned red. I slammed my breaks on and stopped the car, and would say I was level with the traffic lights (front wheels may have been just over the white line)
I done the right thing and stopped, but do I now risk getting a fine?
I did not see any flash from the machine but am worried... I have heard if your over stop line even by 1cm your get a fine, surely it should be the back wheels though as I did try and stop?
Can someone help me.
16:08 Sun 12th Jun 2011
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Traffic Lights Cameras flash twice. Once as you cross the Stop line and a second flash after a timed interval. If the second flash shows you further across the junction you will have been deemed to have not stopped and will get a ticket.
You might be lucky and the cameras was out of film ;)

By the way traffic lights do not just change to red, they go amber first which also means stop. Relevant to UK.
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Thanks for above, I should be Ok then as I was standstill at red, I slammed brakes as soon as went amber, sorry should have re-read my post, just when I had stopped the lights were red and think may have been just over the line, it was a wet day today! but I did stop.
I know the lights you mean (my daughter works at Center Parcs) and those particular cameras are only activated by traffic not stopping at all.

I would say you have a 99 per cent chance of hearing nothing at all!
These cameras do not use RADAR or LASER, instead they use a detector embedded in the road approximately 1/2 a metre beyond it (at least the one that I am aware of in Leicester is like this). What is interesting is that at this junction should congestion cause a tailback over this detector then you can be penalised for going over on red even if you had crossed the stop line whilst the lights were green or amber. Also someone was penalised for crossing the stop line whilst the lights were on red to allow an ambulance on a blue light to pass, the appeal was rejected

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